This  letter is in regards to what I would consider the BEST breeder of large Airedales in the USA, Pat Jones of OH.

I have now had experience with a few breeders for large Airedales and hands down, Pat Jones is my breeder of choice for any dog, especially Airedales. After having a horrible experience in purchasing a female pup, the experience I have had with Pat, her caring attitude and helpfulness after the sale has been tremendous!

She really does care for her dogs and her customers and I would recommend her to anyone that asks, anyone! Thank you Pat,

Greg Isabel
Denver, CO

 The Real Deal 
This breeder was exactly as they represented themselves and more.... very nice people and they are very passionate about their animals. Extremely pleased with my new baby as well as all of their dogs in breeding, temperament and looks .. absolutely gorgeous! I would not hesitate to purchase from them with absolute confidence. 

Reviewer: lisa, October 29, 2008 

 Wonderful, healthy pup 
After much searching, I decided to purchase an airedale puppy from Pat. This puppy is the light of my life. I have many animals, but she is so special. Pat temperament tested and this female was most what I expressed to her as desirable. She hit it right on the nose. I took her to the vet and he said she was an excellent, healthy puppy. It is obvious she loves her dogs and takes good care of them. 

Reviewer: Jeanne, March 8, 2009  

Thought you might enjoy these pics of me and big guy, Baron! 
The Big guy on the right in both photos is Baron, a puppy from PJ's Home & Heart Kennel!
"Testimonials & References"
This is a picture of Razor. He is a wonderful; dog I will be sending more pics.
Tim Willmuth
Hi Pat!
 I took CJ to the vet this morning for his 1st formal visit. 
LOL, oh boy what talker (complainer) he was!!
But, His vet was totally awed by him and amazed with you!
She said he is a rare find and she hasn't seen one of his quality in years!! 
All the vets that were on staff this morning checked him out and they all asked me a ton of questions and wanted to know where you were located and how long it took us to get to you etc., ( I left your name and web site info w. them / VCA Animal hospital / ASC  )
They said to have a purebred shepherd baby in the office is a treat and when they do get one, it has usually been poorly bred and full of health issues
But not CJ, he is doing very well and weighed in at 15 pounds already!!!!!
She absolutely wants me to continue him on the eagle pack dog food and she agreed with your reasoning on the waiting to neuter him until he reaches 10 or 11 months old ( she was basically so amazed by him , she told me that we should listen and do whatever you suggested )

Hope all is going well there with you and everyone.

Here are a few updated pictures of Phalan (Blue Boy) He is such a joy to us all! Thank you again so very much for such a loving beautiful part of our family. Debbie
Below are actual letters, photos, and emails received from families who have been adopted by our puppies.
Good morning Pat,
  Colby ( 11 month old br/white tux puppy) has just been dropped off at out vets for the "old clip clip". Two kennels asked to breed him and of course I refused per our contract, I need to state over and over again how impressive he is.  His proud gait and alert head catch local poodle breeders and trainers attention.  We just love him more than words can say.  Your great breeding has paid off I am sure in homes like ours."You go girl"
Sandy (MA)
This is Colby. He is Tux & Bailey's brown & white tuxedo puppy. Photo was taken when he was 7 months old!
From: Beth Abbott [mailto:[email protected]
Sent: Thursday, September 24, 2009 5:31 PM
To: '[email protected]'
Subject: Emailing moe try.HELLO

Here is a pic I am going to try once more.   Samson is just  such a great dog ..thanks for letting him be part of our lives he sure fits in well with the older dog Tasha.   I just truly believe he was the dog for our family he is really smart and easy going.  I  get compliments all the time on how well he is behaved.  Samson is a quick learner wanting to please he always has he one ear up when he is paying close attention.  We are going to get him fixed around the end of this year for right now he is just having the time of his life chasing rabbits and his buddy Tasha through the bushes!

North Central Region System Manager
330-317-9467: CELLPHONE
[email protected]

From: Cindy White
Date: 2/15/2010 7:52:03 PM
To: PL Jones
Subject: Referance Letter
To Whom It May Concern,     I decided in the Spring of 2009 that I wanted an Airedale Terrier.After researching these dogs, I decided I wanted the Oorang Airedale.I looked on the internet and found PJ's Home & Heart Kennel in Ohio.I called and talked to Pat right away.What a wonderful and caring person she is.I felt  from our first conversation that I had found a caring, very informative breeder. We talked several times before my puppy was shipped and she gladly answered all of my questions.Pat made me feel like I have known her forever.I picked up my puppy at Ontario,CA. Airport on October 13,2009. Everything went just as Pat said it would.I named her "Maggi"and she is everything and more that Pat said she would be.She is the smartest ,fastest learning and funniest dog I have ever had.I am so glad that Pat chose us to be "Maggi's" Parents.I am sending a picture taken 2-15-2010.Maggi is 6 Months old today and 50 Lbs. Thank You Pat ! You Are The Greatest.   Cindy  White  [email protected] 

From: Richard Morris
Date: 2/9/2010 3:17:28 PM
To: PL Jones
Subject: Thanks

I just wanted you to know what a pleasure it was for me to get to meet you and Ron. I also want to thank you for getting out and y'all driving in such nasty weather and terrible road conditions.

Diego is such a wonderful pup. We bonded very quickly, and in less than 30 minutes working with him he responds well to a sit command ( both verbal and hand signal ) over 90% of the time. He is very smart and it appears he will be a quick learner. 
We have spent the last couple of days with a little training and a lot of playing outside. Has has had a ball discovering things like grass, rocks, leaves and sticks.

As far as your temperament testing, it's right on. I have to give your trainer an A+ on that one.

I am attaching a couple of pictures of Diego in the yard. I will send you updates on his progress.

Thanks for being the kind of breeder ( and person ) you are.

Rick Morris
Stockbridge, Ga.

From: Melissa K Clark
Date: 3/19/2010 9:33:43 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Macduff

Just wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you, thank you, thank you for the most wonderful 
puppy in the world.  Our baby (Macduff) was the last pick of Della and Duke's recent litter (yellow string) 
which is amazing to me because he was by far the cutest of the lot.  He was such a little fuzzball 
when he came to us and now, less than 2 months later, is a strapping young lad  that I can hardly pick up. 
He is the joy of our lives. 
Thanks again, 
Hi Pat!

Attached are several pictures of Bear, the Airedale my wife Jacquie and I purchased from you last January.  The first two pictures of him were taken in his “winter coat”.  The second two in which he is wearing his “summer coat” are the most recent.  We love Bear so much and can’t imagine life without him.  Jacquie has written the following paragraph you could use as a testimonial…

Ever since our Airedale Bear came into our lives a little over a year ago, we have felt like a true family.  We could not have dreamed of a better dog!  He is absolutely the sweetest and happiest dog around and he draws positive attention EVERYWHERE he goes because he loves meeting new people and other dogs.  We are so incredibly proud of him that he has already had his 15 minutes of fame on TV-we just had to show him off!!  Bear also gets constant compliments on how handsome and well behaved he is.  Considering Bear was one of the smaller puppies in his litter, he sure shaped up to be one big and healthy 85 pound pooch!  We make sure to shower him with hundreds of hugs and kisses each and everyday :) 

The fifteen minutes of fame Jacquie refers to, is Bear being featured in a commercial by local TV station in Chicago promoting a television show.  This station promotes all of its TV shows using local dogs and Jacquie got Bear a chance to be involved.  He had such a good time hanging out with all the other dogs and was so well behaved when it was his turn to be in front of the camera.  The camera crew commented that if all of the dogs behaved as well as him, they would finish all filming in no time at all.  I have attached the video clip of Bear which was shown on TV (Bear.wmv).  You should be able to view it if you are running any version of Microsoft Windows.  I doubt you would post the video clip on your site, but just in case you for some reason think of doing so, please note that the video clip is copyrighted material and shouldn’t be made accessible.

When we first purchased Bear we were living in a townhouse.  While he got his two walks everyday, we couldn’t stand the fact that he did not have his own free space outside to play in, so we recently purchased a home with a decent size fenced in backyard.  He absolutely loves being outside more than anything and enjoys watching (and bark at) people who pass by the front and back of the house (we have a wooded park area behind our house).  Also, during good whether he gets to go to the dog park on weekends and socialize with many of the other local dogs in the area.  Overall, he is a very happy and probably spoiled pooch.


Glenn Waliczek

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From:John Woodward <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Sat, March 5, 2011 11:09:44 PM
Subject: Testimonial

  I just wanted to give you an update on our new Airedale puppy Oscar. I have been around puppies my whole life, but I have never seen one  adapt so quickly to his surroundings and new family. He is amazing! Incredibly smart,and according to the VET, incredibly healthy.  It is a testimony to how well these puppies are cared for by you and your family , before they ever leave for their new home. 
   I probably put a lot more research into picking this puppy out than your average customer, and I know I asked you countless questions leading up to my decision (thanks for your patience , by the way you were great ), but I didn't want to  just pick a puppy out, based on price or how close it was to our home. Having a family with  four children, I wanted to make sure it was the right fit.
  I'm glad I took the time and found you. Your professionalism and kindness separated you from every other Breeder that I spoke with.
I can tell you from past experince, that too may breeders are just looking to make a quick buck. You are the exact opposite and your love for what you do, is completely evident in these puppies. I  will keep you posted on Oscar as he grows. Thanks again Pat!
                                                                               Best regards, John Woodward