Giant Schnauzers
"We take pride in our pups"
This page was last updated: March 12, 2017
Diva is a beautiful, stout girl. She is 81 lbs., with excellent conformation, & a beautiful, lush, soft coat.  She is very intelligent but more importantly she is extremely loving and dedicated to her family. She is out of impressive, champion lines. Diva is a happy, fun, good natured girl. She loves the water more than any dog I have ever seen. She was raised here. We still have her dam, Casey, who is a grand champion from very impressive lines. Bred to Diesel, Diva is producing gorgeous, solid black, pepper and salt, and black and silver pups in medium plush coats. 
 Diesel is a huge boy standing 31" and weighing 110lbs. He is just 2 years old so isn't finished growing yet. Diesel is an easy going, laid back guy with excellent conformation, a winning disposition, and a gorgeous pepper and salt, medium coat. He comes from really nice lines with a lot of champions behind him. Although he is friendly and outgoing, he is very  protective of his home and family. 
 We have a late spring/summer litter planned out of Liza and Diesel. We also have two litters planned for late  summer. Diva will be bred to Diesel, and Riska will be bred to Mr. Gibb. We have an additional litter planned out of Dixie and Teddy for the winter of 2017. Dixie is the daughter of Diva and Diesel, and Teddy is the son of Riska and Mr. Gibb. (Photos will be added soon.)These pairs are producing gorgeous, huge, laid back, pups with excellent temperaments, health, and confirmation. We are currently accepting deposits for all three litters. 
Price of pups $1750.00 

Mr.  Gibb
Riska is a gorgeous pepper and salt Giant Schnauzer. She is a really big girl weighing in at 92 lbs. She has an amazing lineage of AKC champions. Riska is quite the lady. She is laid back, easy going, aways polite, and very loving. She is producing amazng pups. Her babies have proven to be gorgeous, huge, healthy, laid back, and extremely intelligent. 
Mr. Gibb is from top European champion lineage. He is a big boy weighing over 100 lbs. He has a luxurious soft coat of deep black. Gibb is our gentle giant. Gibb lives to please his family. He is extremely loyal, decicated and loving. This big ham bone keeps us smiling. 
Liza is our largest girl. She is a slim 105 lbs. and around 29" at the shoulder. She is a velcro dog and is my constant companion. She lives to please me, be close to me, and protect me at any cost. Although very polite and friendly with strangers when I request it, her main focus is always on me. She constantly monitors my body language and surroundings to be certain I am safe. She is a big silly clown, always ready for fun, but has a great off switch and is happy to just veg with me for any length of time. She loves her entire family, is tolerant and good with other dogs of all sizes, and is one of the most affectionate, and intelligent dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.