Oorang Airedales
"We take pride in our pups"
At PJ's Home & Heart kennel we research our lines & breed for health, temperament, confirmation, & longevity. All of our dogs are AKC registered from excellent, and most of the time champion and, or titled lines. We believe in total out cross breeding and make every effort to distance the bloodlines. We have raised 5 generations of our gentle, giant Oorang Airedales. They are respected & loved for their wonderful dispositions, size, & beauty. They are what an Oorang Airedale is suppose to be...fearless, non aggressive, alert, & protective!
The Airedale Terrier, the largest member of the terrier group, is known to admirers as the King of Terriers, but he could just as easily be recognized as the King of Hearts who received his crown for his size, broad versatility, intelligence, and unswerving loyalty. In describing the proper temperament and in recognition of the loyalty and protectiveness shown to the children of the family, fanciers claim that the Airedale is the only breed that babysits. Naturally alert, this is an excellent watchdog who can be trained to perform all the duties of a working police dog. The Airedale Terrier is also highly intelligent and can be a quick learner, but true to his terrier heritage, he is often stubborn and unforgiving of harsh treatment. The way to his kingly heart is firm, consistent training – rough handling and punishment will get you nowhere fast. Hard or abusive training methods will bring failure because the Airedale is truly tougher than any trainer. Airedales also have a clownish streak that both amuses and exasperates their owners. The breed is hardy and has few health problems. If you value loyalty, protectiveness, strength, and a sense of humor and can accept the need for firm yet kind discipline, professional grooming bills, and a pet who demands exercise and companionship, there may be a handsome Airedale in your future.
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