Our Puppy Facility
We are proud to announce the addition of our new puppy facility. This is a 14' x 36' climate controlled building. It has 5 whelping/puppy rooms. It also has an area for preparing food & gruel, administering vaccines and wormers, & weighing and bathing puppies. The puppy rooms are progressive. They are staged for whelping through weaning. All rooms are equipped for a heated floor panel as well as a heat lamp. Although the building is kept toasty warm, it is necessary to incorporate the use of heat lamps and the heated floor panels for the very young and new born pups. Other wise we would have to keep the building to hot for the mamas and older pups to be comfortable. 

Each room has it's own window to provide plenty of sunlight and fresh air. Also, each has a doggie door to it's own private outdoor run. When the pups are old enough, they are trained to use the doggie door to go outside to play as well as for potty training. Health and comfort of mommies and babies are priority. Our room for the final puppy stage prior to going to their new homes is equipped with an extra large crate. This is used to introduce the puppies to crate training and accustom them to enjoying the crate as part of their personal habitat.